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Rob Koll (NCAA Wrestling Tree Lineage ):
Rob Koll
University of North Carolina (1985-1988)
Cornell University Head Coach (1993-Present)
Rob Koll Defending Leg Attacks DVD
Rob Koll Opposite Leg Offense and Crab Rides DVD
Rob Koll's Foot Sweep Techniques DVD
Rob Koll's Whizzer Series DVD
Rob Koll: Practice Planning & Program Building for Wrestling DVD
Rob Koll: Arms Spins & Shoulder Throws DVD
All Access: Cornell Wrestling Practice with Rob Koll DVD (3 DVD)
NCAA Students:
Troy Nickerson
Cornell University (2005-2009)
Championship Signature Moves Series: Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride Series DVD
Jerry "Gerardi" Rinaldi
Cornell University (2004-2007)

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