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Jeff Buxton (NCAA Wrestling Tree Lineage ):
Jeff Buxton
University of Rhode Island (1977-1980)
Blair Academy Head Coach (1982-Present)
Jeff Buxton: All Access Blair Academy Wrestling Practice DVD
Blair Academy High School Students:
Mark Perry
Blair Academy High School (2001-2003)
University of Iowa (2004-2008)
Championship Signature Move Series: Mark Perry: The Claw Series DVD
Mark Perry: Scramble Funk Defense: Winning Bad Positions DVD
Steve Mocco Cowboy Wrestling
Blair Academy High School (2000-2001)
University of Iowa (2002-2003)
Oklahoma State University (2005-2006)
ESPN The Season: Hawkeye: Iowa's Men of the Mat
Cory Cooperman
Blair Academy High School (1999-2001)
Lehigh University (2002-2005)
Cory Cooperman Offense Beyond the Basics DVD
Cory Cooperman Creative Counter Offense DVD
MTV True Life: I'm On a Diet
Hudson Taylor
Blair Academy High School (2003-2005)
University of Maryland (2006-2009)
Hudson Taylor: Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Skills for the Upper Weights DVD
Hudson Taylor: Signature Moves Series: Pinning with the Double Under Series DVD

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